3 Reasons to Retain Our Drug Crime Attorney

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Being charged with a drug crime sets the judicial wheels in motion, and you have limited time to choose a drug charge defense attorney. Call The Law Offices of Robert R. Simons if you live in or around Haddon Heights, NJ. We provide affordable, reliable representation backed by years of experience.

You can feel confident choosing our firm because...

  • We take cases involving crystal meth, marijuana, cocaine and heroin.
  • We can build a defense against wiretap evidence.
  • We represent adult and juvenile offenders.

We offer flexible payment plans. Contact us today to speak with a drug crime attorney in Haddon Heights, NJ free of charge.

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Are you eligible for Drug Court or Special Probation?

Drug court is an alternative for prison meant to address dependencies and addictions in defendants. The state will evaluate you, place you and pay for the treatment you need as an alternative for placing you in prison. Some drug crimes carry mandatory prison sentences, but a drug charge defense attorney can ask the judge to grant special probation. That means the judge may allow you to seek treatment for drug dependency instead of going to jail. Mr. Simons has been involved in drug courts since its inception, since about 1991.

To see if you qualify, call for a free consultation with Robert R. Simons today.